The Art

*God is in the Details*

The Divine art of The Deitys

  • The Deitys is high quality 3D PFP art from the creative mind of The Deity's artist, Clement.

    • "God is in the details" - a quote that perfectly reflects the art.

    • With a ton of traits and different variations and colors, our artist has worked incredibly hard to ensure all deitys are unique and everyone has the ability to find The Deity of their choice.

    • Several of the traits also give nods to some amazing communities and projects within the space. You can see some of these in our sneak peaks section in our discord. We know were not the first and wont be the last. So we aim to pay homage to some amazing projects and show our own faith and belief in them.

    • 1/1s - The 1/1s in this collection are true works of art with their own special abilities, these 1/1s will have huge advantages on the journey to Omnipotence.

The Future of the Art

  • We plan to reach out to artists big and small and create a launchpad to help true artists and community members be heard and seen in a space whose moto has been "price go up, art can suck" for far too long. It should be "art is fire, price goes higher".

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