The Deitys Utility comes from it's values and information

Utility In Action

  • Even though I am a firm believer in giving back to the community in every way you can, this doesn't mean that is what I call our "utility". This can be separated in two groups:

    • Utility

      • Free mint in ALL future collections for holders, established through an eco-system where your Faith in a project is rewarded, not manipulated.

      • IP rights for holders and tools to help monetize their Deity

      • A constant and consistent release of collections that generates a story of personal growth, resilience, and finding the strength within that doesn't decrease value through diluting the pool and doesn't rely on increasing value through deflationary mechanics.

      • Access to Mt. Olympus, the central hub of The Deitys where your future can be shaped by your own ambition and drive.

      • Access to The Parthenon where people newer to the space will be able to learn and grow into an NFT god, or where you can be rewarded for sharing your experience and knowledge.

      • (more to be announced)

    • Deitys Den - Where connections are built, strategies are taught, alpha is given, and where you are rewarded for sharing your knowledge and helping grow the space.

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