Faith & Belief

If not all who are wandering our lost, then not all who are found are saved...

  • The Deitys are only as strong as the faith and belief people have in them but ultimately it's also the amount of faith and belief they have in themselves

  • Faith and Belief will be the currency of The Deitys. An off-chain way to reward progression, activity, events, and other yet to be announced features. Your personal growth will help you foster the faith and belief you need in yourself to reach new heights within the project and your faith in the project will also yield the same rewards.

    • The Faith Store

      • Within the discord you can spend your Faith tokens on items such as NFTs, WLs, Roles, Enter Tournaments, Play Roulette, and many other features.

      • The Faith Store will grow as the project progresses, eventually adding in ways to strength your Deity as well as prepare them for battle.

      • Belief will be introduced after mint and will hold bigger and better benefits. More to be announced at a later date.

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