The Store

Faith Tokens

  • Faith Tokens are an off-chain currency that can be collected in the Discord through various different means such as activity, engagement, support, good deeds, rewards, and more.

  • You can XP in the discord simply by being you. As you collect this XP you can save it up to buy multiple Faith Tokens or if theres something cheap that catches your eye, like a poker tournament entry or raffle, you can buy one or two as you see fit.

    1. More things will be added to The Faith Store as the community grows.

The Faith Store

  • The Faith Store is in the discord and is currently available for use

  • Use your Faith Tokens to buy items, roles, and whitelists within the Discord as you see fit.

  • More is in store for the Faith Store as the eco-system evolves. We truly believe that the deciding factor in rarity, strength, and value shouldn't be decided by the team, but by the community and Faith Tokens and the Faith Store are the first stepping stones on the path to Omnipotence.

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