The Vision

"You control the story "

What is a Deity?

A Deity is a god or a benevolent being by definition, but to me it's YOU. It's the community that surrounds NFTs and web3. It's all of us. We all are just meandering through the space looking for communities to bless with our faith in them, with our belief in them. But too many times our faith and belief and trust in a project is abused and taken for granted. The Deitys is a project looking to build a place for true community members in the space and help them reach their true potential. Deity = You. Time to ascend and take your throne.

What is The Deitys Mission?


  • Yes you! We aim to be a voice within the space that helps people losing themselves within the space, find themselves again.

  • We will help you find the faith and belief in yourself that you bury after every loss, after every rug, after every market crash, and we will raise the bar on what it means to have an NFT as your PFP.

  • You control your story and with The Deitys, you'll control your NFT.

As someone who's been in the space for a while, I am getting sick and tired of seeing the same tactics being used to gaslight and manipulate holders and communities. Huge teams of business experts pandering to the masses and spouting all the right buzz words. Screaming "community is our focus" to deliver a slightly different version of something else with profits as their only true goal.

You are a consumer to them, not a community member.

Through self-improvement, self-empowerment, and self-enlightenment we aim to help you grow and find the god hidden within. The keyword being "self". We believe that there is huge potential within ourselves, a deity within us just waiting to be released.

We all have the potential to soar to new heights, but a lot of us just need reminded that we already have the wings to fly. As you journey down the path to omnipotence your growth within The Deitys will juxtapose your personal growth within the space.

When you use a Deity as your PFP it's not going to mean "this is expensive"'s going to mean "this is worth it".

Godly Value

  • You control your story just as you control the value and the future of your Deity.

  • Community and art truly, not just a saying to deter accountability.

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